All the features you need to build a reliable and efficient business communication system


Multi-level IVR


Have a personalised IVR prompt that greets your customers and route their calls to the relevant team.



Customise the IVR menu according to your business needs without 3rd party assistance


Upload a recording or get a message recorded by our professional voice over artist.


Real-Time Notifications

Get notified at the right time

We will notify you when you or your agent misses a call, changes their activity state on Exotel, changes your call flows and more.


Set Your Preference

You can customise the kind of notifications you’d like to receive to ensure that we don’t flood your inbox.

Unlimited Channels

No Limits On Concurrent Calls

Exotel is the only cloud telephony company in India that offers unlimited channels.


Unlimited channel capacity on all plans.


Call Recording

Dual-Channel Recording

Record participants in a call separately. You can utilize it for assessing call quality, speech to text transcription, easier conflict resolution and more.

Dispute Resolution

Use call recordings to resolve customer complaints


Training and Evaluation

Listen to every agent’s recording to understand and evaluate their performance.

Better Business Decision

Improve your product/service using call recordings which are available in your inbox.

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Visual Drag-Drop Dashboard

Code Free

Just drag-drop and build your call flow. Don’t wait for developers to code them.

Visual APIs

Our Visual APIs work on the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) principle.

Instant Call Flows

You can use the call flows created using the App builder right away!


Daily Email Reports

Direct Email Updates

Get a detailed daily reports with call statistics for your company, individual agents as well as groups that you create.

Track Productivity

Through your call stats, you’ll now be able to keep a close on agent productivity and suggest improvements wherever necessary.

Know Your Call Status

Call stats include the number of calls answered, dialed, missed, the average duration of calls and a lot more.

Call Analytics


Detailed Analytics

Get detailed analytic on all the campaigns you run with information on the status of each call and SMS

Identify Call Patterns

Look at call data to identify patterns and staff teams according to the volumes and avoid missing calls.


Automated Calls & SMS

Confirm COD Orders

You can set up an automated IVR call for your customers to confirm their COD orders and avoid cost on COD cancellation. Companies can cut their op losses by upto 80% with COD confirmation.

Send Order Status via SMS

Keep your customers informed about their order by sending out automated SMSes.

Collect Automated Feedback

Set up an automated outbound IVR to generate feedback. Here are 3 ways to set up an automated feedback system.


Increase Productivity

Since your calls are automated, your agents can now spend their time on other tasks that need their attention.


Engage Proactively

Send out automated SMS updates to your customers when you have offers or announcements.

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Get 1000 worth free call & SMS credits.


Missed Call Services

Cost Effective

Missed call campaigns cost comes to down to zero for customers, therefore drastically improving engagement


Identify Call Patterns

Easy tool for collecting feedback, increasing app downloads, surveys, verification, voting, opt-in subscriptions, etc.


Conditional Call Routing

Be Available After Hours

Good customer experience even for callers who call you outside of your working hours to hear an IVR that says you will get back to them soon.

Improve Customer Experience

Our automatic call distribution feature automatically routes calls to agents who will speak to them in a language they’re comfortable in based on the region they’re calling from.