Supercharge your Sales Calls with Exotel

Organize, track and analyse each call made. Improve agent productivity, integrate with your CRM and close deals faster.

Improve productivity – close deals faster

Call Tracking

Increase call pickup rates

Increase call pickup rates with Exotel’s dynamic caller ID. Reach more potential customers and increase conversions.

Increase Productivity

Increase agent productivity

Leverage Exotel’s auto dialer to eliminate manual number dialling. Get more done, faster.

Scale at ease

Manage large volumes efficiently

Exotel comes with all the features required to help your team communicate effectively: call routing, call transfers, routing based on the callers’ inputs, etc.

Enable remote work

Make and receive calls from the office, from home or while on the move. No additional equipment required. Gain flexibility without compromising on reliability.

Detailed reporting

Gain visibility

Track & record each call made. Gain a bird’s eye view of everything with weekly reports & analytics, even while working remotely.


Drive engagement with personalization

Integrate Exotel with your CRM and empower your agents with the right information to personalize each call. Make calls within the click of a button.

Features of our outbound call center solution

Automated Calls

Auto dialer

Give your agent’s productivity a boost by leveraging automated dialling.
Detailed Reporting

Detailed reporting

Get the complete details of each call made by every agent. Access weekly & monthly reports.
Virtual Numbers

Dynamic Caller ID

Increase call pickup rates and avoid getting blacklisted by customers.
Call Recording

Call Recording

Record each call automatically and use these recordings for training, dispute resolution & QA.
Call Tracking

CRM Integration

With every call, your agents will get a popup containing the information they need for personalization.
Status updates

Call Transfer

Transfer calls to the right department/agent within the click of a button.
Customize call flow

Visual Call Flow Builder

Intuitive, no-code drag-and-drop builder for creating custom call flows.
Simple IVR

Multi-level IVR (Smart IVR)

Personalize customer communication & automate tasks with Exotel’s smart IVR.
Easy to use dashboard

Live Agent Dashboard

Track and monitor agents’ activities in real-time.

Conditional Call Routing

Automatically forward calls based on pre-set conditions.

Well-Documented APIs

Leverage Exotel’s powerful APIs for powering your calls and SMSes.
Internationally available

International Numbers

Use regional numbers from multiple countries for making and receiving calls.

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How fast can I set up my account?

Usually, account activation takes 30 minutes. Here are the steps to follow -

1. Sign up for a trial
2. Verify your number and the virtual number assigned to your account
3. Complete your KYC

Once your KYC is verified (usually takes 30-45 minutes), you can start making/receiving calls and sending SMSes from your dashboard. 


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What are the inbound and outbound call charges?

Call charges for inbound and outbound calls are as follows:

For Indian customers
Pricing starts from**
Single-Leg Call Charges (Same Circle) - INR 0.40/min
Single-Leg Call Charges (Other Circle) -INR 0.75/min
**The prices vary based on volumes of calls. Talk to sales for more or sign up and test our free trial for 15 days

For International customers
Pricing varies on the country you want to make or receive calls from. Contact our international sales for pricing details.

Note: To get a correct price estimation based on your volumes and use case, please contact our sales team.


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How does pricing work for the voice calls?

Exotel charges voice calls on a per-leg basis:

1. Inbound Calls - An Inbound call is a single-legged call ~ When a call lands on a customer-facing number, Exotel dials an agent number to connect the customer’s call.

2. Outbound calls - An Outbound call is a double-legged call ~ When an agent calls customer, Exotel first dials agent number and then dials the customer number to connect them over a virtual number.

View call pricing here.

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How long does it take to set up a call management software?

A cloud call management software can be set up anywhere between 2 to 3 hours. In fact, we helped Zerodha set up their call management system within 3 hours.

How is a hosted contact centre software different from a traditional PBX or EPABX?

Compared to a traditional PBX system, the cloud telephony system allows you to pay for what you use, broadly through plans that suit business requirements or scale. Enterprises can talk to us (link below) for custom configurations to help large-scale teams engage better, or to support a host of use cases. All you need to get started with cloud telephony is a computer and internet connection.

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Can I remove my business number from Truecaller's Spam list if I sign up for its Verified Business Caller ID?

The Verified Business Caller ID solution is not a spam removal solution rather is a brand

identity solution to ensure better identification, branding, and context to improve calling efficiency. It also helps prevent identity theft by scammers. The overall aim is to improve customer confidence and not to whitelist spam numbers. Crossing the spam threshold that is visible through an additional spam score tag on incoming call screens doesn't limit all the features offered as part of the solution.


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How to choose the best OTP service provider in India?

Choosing a reliable OTP service provider in India is the key to implement a robust authentication system. Below are some of the important factors to consider:

1. Delivery and Latency Rates: Always choose a provider that can assure you of better OTP delivery rates and lower latency rates.​

2. Flexible APIs: If you are implementing an OTP authentication system using APIs, then make sure that your OTP service provider’s APIs are flexible and easy to implement in your backend systems.

3. Data Security: Your customers’ data should be your number one priority. Always choose a provider that is ISO certified and exercises enterprise-grade security practices.

4. Scalability: Always choose a provider that can quickly scale up or down according to your business needs.

5. Customer Service: Choose an OTP service provider that values your time and truly cares about your success. Always ask if you are getting timely support in case you run into problems.

What is the UL VNO License and in which circle we have the license?

UL VNO is a Unified License Virtual Network Operator. UL VNO license enables us to offer full fledged telecom services by the network of NSO (Network Service Operator) like Airtel, Tata etc.

We now have an UL VNO license in the Karnataka circle under entity name Veeno Communications Private Limited.


Why use an SMS API?

SMS APIs are used to allow web applications to send and receive text messages through logic written for standard web frameworks. In simple words, SMS API helps to send and receive messages from the web using SMS API gateways.


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How does SMS API work?

The SMS API is a HTTP based REST API which allows you to trigger SMSes using actions/buttons at your internal application. An SMS API is something like a code that allows communication between one platform to another. Think of it as a friendship between two people, a bond is created and then knowledge or information is shared.


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Moving your business communication to the Cloud

Moving your business communication to the Cloud

Businesses often move to cloud communication system to save on operational costs. However, that is not the only benefit of moving to the cloud. We wrote down the other direct and indirect advantages of moving your business communication to the cloud in this white paper.

Customer Success Stories

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redBus uses Exotel to improve customer experience, increase efficiency and reduce operational cost

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How HealthifyMe saw a 5x increase in their coaches’ efficiency with Exotel

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The Exotel

Why Exotel is considered as the most reliable cloud communications company in India and Southeast Asia

  • ISO-Certified

    Highly Secure

    ISO 27001:2013 certified information security management system
  • Superior-Quality

    Superior Quality

    Best success rates, voice quality and reduced latency
  • Super-reliability

    Superior Reliability

    Best in class uptimes of 99.94% including operator uptimes
  • Patented-Use-cases

    Patented Solutions

    Gain competitive advantage from patented products
  • Scale-at-ease

    Scale at Ease

    Grow at will, expand without worrying about infrastructure
  • Best-Support

    Best Support

    18×7 customer support via phone, email and Twitter

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