Last mile delivery tracking solution

Track all the orders in real-time and keep your customers updated

Why last mile delivery tracking?

There are currently a few problems that plague the logistics industry. All of them lead to increased costs and loss of customer satisfaction. Exotel offers a simple way to work around these issues and keep the costs under control. It improves the customer experience by leaps and bounds.

How It Works


Delivery executive on the field

Delivery executive calls the Exotel virtual number by entering the order number in the IVR or by clicking a “call the customer” button on their app

Exotel connects to your server

Exotel pings your server with your personnel’s details and your server returns the corresponding customer’s number

Exotel notifies the customer

Exotel dials out the customer number and connects the customer to the delivery executive

Customer responds

Based on the customer’s response, you can deliver or re-schedule the delivery in order to save time and cost

Advantages of Last Mile Delivery Tracking

Better transparency

Increased transparency

By including a mandatory phone call to the customer in the standard operating procedure, businesses can get a near real-time update on the inventory status. No more waiting till the end of the day to get the complete picture
Improved tracking

Better tracking

Customers are constantly updated on the order status, thereby reducing the confusion on the expected delivery time
Automated delivery rescheduling

Automated delivery rescheduling

If a delivery fails due to the non-availability of the customer, the delivery agent can update the customer in real time and fix up another suitable time for the delivery
Ensure Customer Privacy

Safeguard customer privacy

You can connect the delivery agent and the customer without revealing either party’s phone number. Keep your customer information secure
Lower cost_1

Lower cost

No more headaches with reimbursements or multiple SIM cards for the delivery staff. One centralized bill where you only pay for the customer calls made. It’s that simple!
Lower failure rate for COD orders

Lower failure rate for COD orders

By making a mandatory call before attempting delivery, losses due to incorrect or fake COD orders comes down drastically, leading to improved cost saving

Here are some added benefits as well

How you can benefit using Exotel cloud telephony for last mile delivery tracking

Dispute resolution

All the calls routed via Exotel are tracked and recorded. This greatly helps in resolving disputes. It provides a complete picture of the dispute in question

Works even where data is patchy

There is no internet dependency. So, this solution can work very well even in cities where the data penetration is low

No more manual data updation

Delivery agents no longer have to trudge through data at the end of a long day. It is updated automatically over an IVR call.


reduction in customer complaints about delivery failure and rescheduling


cost saving due to one centralised bill without reimbursements


lesser failed Cash on Delivery orders.
Taking Control of Your Last Mile Delivery

Taking Control of Your Last Mile Delivery

With a boom in the e-commerce sector, last-mile delivery is garnering a lot of attention. And it does not entail only faster deliveries. This white paper aims to look into bridging the gap of communication between the customer and the company in delivering the product.

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